Access Webmail



    1. Kindly navigate to mail settings and insert your full e-Mail address or domain name into the address bar and hit “GO”

    2. Once rendered you will be provided with your webmail URL and recommended e-Mail settings.  Click on the link next to YOUR WEBMAIL (SECURE) to access your e-Mail account online.

    Please note the recommended settings (in the blue block).  The difference lies in the PORT numbers used for SSL and NON-SSL respectively.
    Below the settings you will notice setup instructions for all the popular devices.  Please keep the following in mind when setting up your Email accounts on a mobile device:
    As a courtesy to our valued clients, we provide comprehensive installation details about how to use certain third-party products, such as Apple (IOS) and Samsung (Android), as well as Outlook and Mac, but we neither endorse, nor directly support any third-party products and therefore we are not responsible for the functionality, compatibility or reliability of these products. We are also not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by any of these third party vendors. Kindly navigate to our Email troubleshooting guide for further assistance.

    3. You will be redirected to the below screen where you can now enter your username (full e-Mail account) and password.  Select MOBILE VERSION if you want to access the site on your mobile device.

    4. After logging in successfully, simply click on INBOX to access your latest messages.

    Congratulations!  You have successfully logged into your webmail online platform.

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