Add an Auto-reply (Plesk)


    An auto-reply is useful when away for a period of time, while still wanting to respond to the sender and inform them that you will reply as soon as you are able to.  Kindly follow these easy steps to create an auto-reply in the Plesk host panel.

    1. Login to the Plesk host panel with the credentials you received after signing up with your provider

    2.  Once logged in, select MAIL

    3.  Click MAIL ACCOUNTS

    4.  Click on the Email address to select the specific account

    5.  Switch on AUTO-REPLY, then enter the MESSAGE SUBJECT as well as the MESSAGE TEXT and click OK

    Congratulations!  You have successfully added an auto-reply.

    Please note
    You can also select the following;
    1.  Choose between Plain text and HTML.  Plain text will be viewable by everyone, while HTML, although more appealing to the eye is not allowed by some mail servers.
    2.  You can forward the automatic response to a specified Email address
    3.  The ability to attach a file, gives you more flexibility
    4.  Switch off auto-reply is a handy option, to automatically disable the auto reply when required

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