Add-on domain


    Add-on domains are added after your initial domain that was assigned to your account.

    You can view the domain details, error and usage logs and also change the PHP version if applicable.

    1.   Click on the CREATE ADD-ON DOMAIN button and enter a new domain name, followed by specifying bandwidth and disc space, then select additional options you may need:


    • ‘Secure SSL’
    • ‘CGI Access’
    • ‘PHP Access’
    • ‘Local Mail Server’

    2.  Click on the INFORMATION icon to view the domain details.

    3.  Select a PHP VERSION and choose to enable/disable the LOCAL MAIL SERVER of the add-on domain.
    Keep in mind that this option is available only if it is enabled and managed on the product’s DirectAdmin server.
    If not enableD, the message, THERE IS NO PHP SELECTOR ENABLED information will be displayed.

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