Add webmail signature (MailEnable) via MSPControl


    Please follow this easy guide to add a signature to your webmail account.

    1.  Login to the webmail.  Please visit mail settings tool in order to obtain the webmail URL for your account

    2.  Once logged in, select OPTIONS, then MAIL and click on SIGNATURES and then select NEW SIGNATURE

    3.  Enter the SIGNATURE NAME and text for your signature in the blank space.  Once completed, click on the INSERT/EDIT IMAGE icon.  Seeing that this is an HTML signature you have to refer to the image from a source and cannot simply upload the image

    4.  The SOURCE FILE for the signature should be uploaded to the web server via the HOST PANEL as seen below.  Once logged into the host panel, navigate to FILE MANAGER, select your domain and click on the WWWROOT.  You can either create a new folder for the signature image or simply upload it in the root.

    5.  Click on UPLOAD, then CHOOSE FILE and select the file from your local computer and then click OPEN

    6.  The SOURCE FILE has been added for upload to the server.  Simply click UPLOAD

    7. Once uploaded, head back to MailEnable Webmail and enter the SOURCE for the image.  This is the path on the server that will point to the IMAGE you uploaded and will look something like this: OR if you have created a MEDIA folder;

    Click OK and SAVE.

    Congratulations!  You have successfully added a new Email signature.

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