Adding a new sub-domain


    This is simple tutorial to show clients how to add a new sub-domain to their account via their hosting control panel.

    1. To access your hosting control panel, please visit using any internet browser and sign in.
    2. Click on “Domains” (1) from your hosting panel dashboard to access the domain management screen.

    3.Click on “Add Domain” (1) to add a new domain. A list of your current domains is visible below the button (2).

    4. On the “Add New Domain” screen you will not be able to choose a new top level domain. To add a new top level domain please refer to ADD A NEW DOMAIN (e.g You will be able to (2) add only a sub domain (e.g

    To add a new sub-domain, you will need to enter a sub-domain name (1) then select a corresponding top-level domain (2). You can choose create a website by selecting “Create Web Site”(3) and enable DNS features by selecting “Enable DNS”(4). Clicking on “Add Domain” (5) will create your new sub-domain.

    Congratulations! You have created a Sub-Domain on your hosting control panel.

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