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    Every now and then you are required to store Email messages elsewhere, in order to keep your inbox neat and tidy.  This is done through archiving.
    Please keep in mind that archiving messages on the webmail interface, doesn’t remove any messages from the server.  The messages are only moved to the archives folder.
    Should you wish to archive messages locally on you PC, you are required to archive these messages via your mail client, i.e. Outlook, Thunderbird, etc

    This is an easy step for archiving mail on MailEnable Webmail.

    First you’ll need to log into your mail account. To access your mail navigate to our mail settings tool to obtain your webmail URL.  Once you have selected the URL and redirected to the webmail, enter your details and select LOGIN

    1. Right click on the mailbox that you want to archive and select (1) ARCHIVE/PURGE


    2. Here a Archive/Inbox box will appear, where multiple actions can be taken, where (1) ARCHIVE-Will move mails into a subfolder under Archive folder, SOFT DELETE-Will move the mails selected to the deleted items folder(Mails wont be deleted permanently), HARD DELETE-Will delete mails permanently where it can’t be retrieved

    3. For demonstration purposes we’ve selected to archive mails, next by the criteria box, here you can select what mails you would want to archive, Older Than– Mails older than a specific date to be moved to the archive folder, Sender– Mails from a certain sender will all be moved to the archive folder, Subject– Mails with certain subject lines will be moved to the archive folder.


    4. For demonstration purposes we’ve selected the Older Than option, underneath select (1) THE DATE of which you want mail older than specified to be moved to the archive folder and select (2) ARCHIVE

    5. If selected (1) SENDER in Criteria Type enter (2) the RECIPIENT’S NAME in the box and select (3) ARCHIVE. This will move all mail which has the recipients name into your archive folder



    6. If selected (1) SUBJECT, enter (2) the SUBJECT NAME, which appears in the subject box when receiving mail and select (3) ARCHIVE. This will move all mail with the name entered in the subject line to the archive folder

    7. Next, mails that have been archived will now appear in the (1) INBOX SUBFOLDER under the archive folder, if you want mails back in the main inbox folder, simply (2) select THE MAIL and (3) DRAG AND DROP to your preferred folder.

    Congratulations!  You have successfully archived your Email messages on the Mail Enable webmail interface.

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