Backup and restore MySQL5.x Databases


    This guide will show you how to backup and restore a MYSQL5.x database.

    1. To access your hosting control panel, please visit using any internet browser and sign in.

    2 Click on (1) “MYSQL5.X”















    2. Click on the database (1) that you want to backup or restore.













    Backing up the Database

    3.1)Click on backup(1).











    3.2)you can give the database backup a name (1) as well as chose if you want to back it up as a zip file(2).You can also backup the database to your hosting space (3.If you do chose to backup to your hosting space you can choose where to create the backup(4).Once you are finished with the settings you need to press backup(5).














    Restoring a Database

    3.1)Click on restore(1)












    3.2)You can chose if you want to upload your backup or if you want to restore from your hosting space(1), if you chose to upload the file you will need to select the file from your file system.You can then press restore(3)to restore the database.

    Please note that the upload limit for databases are 5mb this is for security purposes, you can restore a larger database by uploading it to your hosting space folder and then restoring it.












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