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    Sometimes you might be required to edit the database directly and may access the database via the host panel.
    This is an advanced topic, therefore you should ensure that a backup is taken before editing the existing database.

    1.  Select BROWSE DATABASE

    2. LOGIN to phpMyAdmin with the username and associated password.  If you do not recall the username and/or password, please see step 3

    3.  Click on FILE MANAGER under the HOSTING SPACE MENU.  The 1) domain will display with two icons on the right.  Clicking on the first icon will allow you to rename the folder, while the second icon (pad lock) will allow permission changes

    4.  Once you click on the domain name itself, a folder structure is displayed.  The website files should reside in the 1) WWWROOT folder.  Click the wwwroot folder to view the website files

    5.  Scroll down to view the database, user and password in the 1) wp-config.php file.  Click on the file to view the screen containing these details

    6.  A screen will pop up displaying the database, username and password.  Copy the username and password in order to login to phpMyAdmin

    7.  Once you are logged into phpMyAdmin, you will be able to edit the database as required.

    8.  By clicking on OPTIONS, you will be able to edit the SITEURL and HOME URL, depending on your requirements, i.e. 1) should the URL reflect http(s) or not, etc.

    9.  You can also edit / change the WORDPRESS password for a user.  Please navigate to

    Please note:
    We recommend that your IT technician or developer take care of the database to prevent any issues with the integrity of the database.

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