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    This article describes the use of bulk mail, and how to send them using your provider’s bulk mail servers through the use of a SMTP mail client as described below.
    Alternatively you can make use of Thunderbird, a free mail client, together with the Mail Merge add-on.
    Kindly navigate to the details regarding this option here:  https://kb.netmask.host/kb-article/thunderbird-and-mail-merge/

    Although we allow the use of bulk mail, the rules with regards to sending bulk mail is governed by the Internet Authorities and terms and conditions as per ISPA and Xneelo.

    The WWW Authorities require all bulk e-Mails to adhere to the following basic conditions:

      1. You need to confirm that you have a functional unsubscribe option.
      2. When any complaint gets logged against bulk mail that you have sent, you need to specify how the complainant’s e-Mail was obtained. Specifically, you need to provide proof of opt-in evidence of the e-Mail address, showing the user provided consent to be contacted via e-Mail.
      3. You need to confirm that the complainant was removed from the database and future mailings.
      4. If the mail was sent as part of an account compromise, that the compromised mailbox password has been reset and the outbreak stopped in order to prevent further abuse.

    Please understand that as part of us issuing this bulk mail account, you agree to the above terms of use and that we will be forced to remove the bulk mail facility, should these terms of use not be adhered to.

    Our standard mail servers do not allow for bulk mail actions and get throttled/limited to a certain amount of emails per hour that both prevents the amount of abuse when an account is compromised (damaging our mail server reputation with spam engines) and prevent large bulk mail process from interfering with all of our day to day mail activities that require quick response and delivery.

    Standard mail limits:

    • The number of recipients allowed per single e-Mail message is thirty (30).
    • The number of emails sent per hour is limited to 95 emails per hour.

    If you need to send bulk mail that exceeds the above limitations;

    • Please request a bulk email account from support@redcactus.co.za. The cost is fixed at R100.00 per month and allows for unlimited mails – Definitely worth it!
    • Configure the following settings for your bulk mail.
          • SMTP server: smtpbulk.redcactus.co.za.
          • Outgoing Port: 25 ( 587 recommended ).
          • User account: to be provided by us. I.e. yourdomain@rcmail.co.za
          • Password : to be provided by us. I.e.(ddtreGgfgfd#@)
          • Note: Authentication is required.


    • You are now able to send bulk mail to your clients using any bulk e-Mail tool.
        • We advise that you use either your WordPress website (Talk to us if you do not have one), or alternatively some client software that manages bulk mail send functionality. (See below)


      • Send Blaster is very popular and has both a free and pro option:


    Test your SMTP settings using SMTPer:

    Simply complete the fields below with the recommended settings found above.

    You should receive the following in your inbox:

    This mail was directly sent by smtpbulk.redcactus.co.za.

    SMTP host: smtpbulk.redcactus.co.za
    Port: 587
    Use SLL: False
    Use Authentication: True
    Authentication name: ******@rcmail.co.za
    Authentication password: [not applicable]
    Email from: mail@testdomain.com
    Email to: mymail@mydomain.co.za

    This service is provided by http://www.smtper.net

    Please note:
    In order to qualify for a bulk mail account you require:

    1.  You have signed up for paid hosting and have been a customer for at least 1 month
    2.  Provide evidence on your website for a functional unsubscribe facility by sending a mail to test@redcactus.co.za

    Kindly note that no refund for bulk mail accounts will be issued should the account be disabled due to a breach of the terms of use.

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