cPanel to Direct Admin website migration


    The below process should be followed when migrating your website from cPanel to Direct Admin

    STEP 1
    Sign-up for your new hosting profile;
    –  Once you have decided on a hosting plan, click on SIGN UP
    –  You will be redirected to the shopping cart, continue by selecting the option “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers”
    Follow the steps and proceed to checkout

    STEP 2
    Download your current website files and database(s) using FileZilla and phpMyAdmin respectively.
    – Create an FTP account in cPanel (if you haven’t already).
    – Setup this account in FileZilla using the server IP as the hostname, together with the username and password
    – Once connected to the file manager, navigate to the PUBLIC_HTML folder and select all the files in that directory
    – Copy the files across to your local drive

    The same applies to the database
    – Access phpMyAdmin via cPanel
    – Expand the database and then select EXPORT
    – The database will be stored on your local drive under DOWNLOADS

    Emails can be copied to the new hosting space by following this tutorial:  /kb-article/transfer-imap-email

    STEP 3
    Transfer website and database files to your new hosting space.  Once you have accessed your new Direct Admin hosting account;
    – Create a new FTP account
    – Replace the existing account settings for your domain in FileZilla with the newly created FTP accounts settings
    – Open the directory on your local drive where you downloaded the site files previously
    – Select all the files and copy them to the PUBLIC_HTML folder on the Direct Admin file manager

    You should now also restore the database, previously downloaded
    – Create a new MySQL database in Direct Admin
    – Copy and paste the username and password in a notepad as you will need this shortly
    – In Direct Admin, select the database and navigate to UPLOAD BACKUP
    – Insert the database you downloaded previously and enter the username and password for the new database (Custom username and password)
    – You are now required to update the WP-CONFIG.PHP file with the details of the new database, database user and password

    Confirm that all e-Mails are reflecting in your inbox

    STEP 4
    Point your domain to to your new provider by updating the DNS 
    – Request that your IT technician update the DNS of your domain and change the A / WWW records to that of your specific panel
    IP for Linux hosting on Direct Admin
    Obtain from new provider
    IP for Windows hosting on Plesk

    Please note that should you wish for the Emails to also relay through our servers, the NAME SERVERS should be changed to the below instead:
    –  Name servers for Direct Admin
    –  Name servers for Plesk

    Alternatively, the MX RECORDS may be updated, should you wish to keep the name servers as is with your current provider;
    –  MX records for Direct Admin
    obtain from new provider
    –  MX records for Plesk, priority [10]

    STEP 5
    Initiate domain transfer via the billing / client area
    –  A ticket request for the domain transfer, will be sent to the correct authority, after – if applicable – the website/database and e-Mails have been setup.
    –  The registrant (owner) of the domain will receive the transfer request which they should accept if they would like to continue with the transfer.
    –  Domains will then transfer to our hosting environment,’s typically take about 24 hours but .com type domains up to 7 days.
    –  We can time this transfer if you prefer, please just let us know what works best for you, if you are not sure, we recommend doing this on a Friday if you have many e-Mail addresses linked to your account.

    STEP 6
    Please confirm e-Mail account settings and webmail URL by navigating to our mail settings tool.
    –  Enter your e-Mail address or domain name in the blank address bar and hit “GO“.
    –  Once rendered you will be provided with your e-Mail account settings and webmail URL (which you will require when accessing your mailbox online).

    Kindly familiarize yourself with the following:

    1. Domain(s) should only be transferred once the Email accounts have been set up, database(s) restored and website files uploaded.
    2. Please ensure your domain is UNLOCKED and status set to OK.
    3. Kindly ensure that the REGISTRANT e-Mail is updated in order to receive the transfer request.
    4. .com/.net/.org domains usually take up to 7 days to transfer, while additional validation is required.
    5. Please obtain the relevant AUTH CODE (EPP code) from your existing host, should it be required to transfer your domain.
    6. Please visit our Knowledge Base for any web-hosting and Email support related assistance
    7. Alternatively you can contact support and we will give you a nudge in the right direction should your query relate to any 3rd party application(s) causing an issue on your computer and/or mobile device.
    8. During a domain’s grace period, i.e. first 60 days after registration, it cannot be transferred away, although you can update the name servers to reflect the new hosting environment.

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