Create a Sub-domain


    A sub-domain serves as a prefix for a TLD (Top Level Domain) and is often used as client side logins for forums, customer support or blogs.
    The above helps to organise a multi-facet website and ensures that the TLD is still displayed, instead of redirecting clients to another, unfamiliar domain.

    Once logged into the host panel

    1.  Select DOMAINS

    2.  Click ADD DOMAIN

    3.  Select SUB-DOMAIN to create a sub-domain ( for already added top-level domain.  You can create a new web site for the sub-domain or assign it to an existing website.

    4.  On the ADD NEW DOMAIN screen, 1) enter the sub-domain prefix.  You also have the option to 2) create (provision) a new website and 3) enable DNS, which is required for the sub-domain to resolve correctly on the provider’s name servers.  Once completed, click ADD DOMAIN

    5.  The sub-domain will now be added

    6.  You are now able to view the sub-domain on the DOMAINS screen

    Congratulations!  You have successfully added a sub-domain for your TLD (Top Level Domain)

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