Create a website on host panel


    This article is a step by step on how to create a website on the host panel.


    • Please note that you will need to have an existing domain before you are able to complete the creation of your website.

    Here we go:

    Login to the host panel

    1. Once logged in, let’s navigate to WEB, then click on WEBSITE

    2.Select the option to CREATE WEBSITE by clicking on ADD

    3.Let’s select the DOMAIN you would like for your website, then click CREATE WEBSITE

    4. Once the process has completed, your website would then be listed, click on the website to see more information
    Below would be the details of your website

    Please note that here you will be able to also set your SSL certificate and manage your home folder and permissions. You will find more information on the different types of SSL and their capabilities.
    Congratulation you have created your website!

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