Create Client Hosting Space (Solid CP)


    Your client requires a hosting space on Solid CP,  allowing them to manage their hosting services, i.e. websites and emails.
    The hosting space should be linked to one of the reseller hosting plans you created previously.

    A reseller can manage their services (hosting, domains and Emails) with Red Cactus by navigating to, while managing their client services, requires them to login to, with the same login credentials.

    Below is an overview of your account, consisting of the 1) MAIN MENU, 2) DASHBOARD AREA, 3) PROFILE SECTION and 4) SETTINGS.

    1. Once logged into the host panel (SolidCP), you will notice two sections of importance in the DASHBOARD AREA; 1) Your CUSTOMERS and 2) HOSTING SPACES.
    If you wish to view customer details, simply click on ALL CUSTOMERS.
    Your ACCOUNT ID [15699] will always be displayed first, followed by your customers’ client ID as you will notice in the next steps.

    2.  Once you click on ALL CUSTOMERS, a list of your existing clients will be displayed.  Keep in mind that you have not yet created any hosting assigned to a client.

    3.  In order to assign a HOSTING PLAN to a client, you will have to CREATE A HOSTING SPACE first

    4.  You will notice there is no HOSTING PLAN, although the HOSTING SPACE is active.
    A hosting plan should be created first, before the client can assign hosting to their account.  Please view instructions on how to create a hosting plan.

    Once the hosting plan has been created you will be able to choose the hosting plan from the drop down list, prior to creating a new hosting space.

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