Create Mail Alias


    An Email alias is used for adding an additional forwarding address.
    You might want to add an info@ that should be forwarded to a user with a name that might be spelt incorrectly, e.g. chiquitita@, if given over the phone, while info@ can hardly be miscommunicated.
    An alias does not have its own physical mailbox.

    1.  Navigate to MAIL ALIASES

    2.  Click on CREATE MAIL ALIAS

    3.  On the Mail Alias Properties screen, enter the 1) ALIAS USER NAME, the 2) FORWARDING EMAIL and 3) select the DOMAIN from the dropdown menu and click SAVE

    4.  The Mail Alias will now be saved

    5.  You should be able to view the new alias on the Mail Aliases screen

    Congratulations!  You have successfully created a new Mail Alias

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