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    In order to publish website files on your hosting space, you are required to CREATE A WEBSITE.
    This process actually involves the provisioning of the website space on the server.

    1. On the dashboard, select WEB SITES under WEB & APPLICATIONS

    2.  Click on CREATE WEB SITE

    3.  On the ADD A WEBSITE screen, select the domain from the drop-down menu and click CREATE WEB SITE

    4.  The web site will now be created

    5.  You can now view the web site on the WEB SITE PROPERTIES screen.  You will notice the shared IP address as well as many other features that are discussed below.

    6.If you are satisfied with any changes, click SAVE or SAVE AND EXIT

    7.  The domain (for the website) will now display on the WEB SITES screen

    Congratulations!  You have successfully created (provisioned) a new web site.

    Should you wish to edit any of the other features, please navigate to editing web site features for step-by-step tutorials.

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