Edit Transaction Templates


    This tutorial will explain how to edit the transaction templates that you may use often, such as a quotation for a 3 page website or maintenance retainer for SEO.

    Do not confuse these templates for the repeating transactions found on the dashboard.

    Once logged into the BILLING SYSTEM on your domain (admin.resellerdomain.co.za)

    1.  Select TRX TEMPLATES

    2. You will now be able to search for a specific transaction type that you often use as a template, i.e. Quote

    3. In order to create a new transaction, please select ADD A NEW TRANSACTION

    4. Edit the description, add discount if required and then click on CREATE / UPDATE

    5. EDIT the new transaction you just added

    6. Click SAVE to capture the changes.

    7. You also have the ability to ADD A NEW TRANSACTION DETAIL LINE to an existing transaction, consisting of more than one line item.

    8. Edit the description, add the amount (with or without VAT) and click SAVE

    9. View the additional line item you just added

    10. You are now able to Email the transaction to your client

    Congratulations!  You have just edited one of your transaction templates successfully.

    Edit Transaction Templates, reseller transaction templates



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