Enable Spam filter (Plesk)


    This service, when enabled, detects spam messages sent to your Email address.

    1. Login to the Plesk host panel with the credentials you received after signing up with your provider

    2.  Once logged in, select MAIL

    3.  Click MAIL ACCOUNTS

    4. Select the EMAIL ADDRESS

    5.  Switch on SPAM FILTERING for this Email account and decide how (potential) spam messages should be treated.  You can simply delete the messages, have them marked as spam or move them to a specific “Junk E-mail” folder.  This is handy, seeing that this folder actually “trains” the spam filter to identify spam messages.  Once completed, click OK.

    Congratulations!  You have successfully enabled the SPAM FILTER for your Email account.

    Please note the ADVANCED SETTINGS available when enabling the spam filter
    White list
    The spam filter does not check messages sent from a white listed address
    Black list
    Mails sent from an account that has been blacklisted will be classified as spam
    Trusted languages
    Emails received in these languages will pass the filter
    Trusted Locales
    Most commonly used character sets can be selected in order for filter to approve
    Trusted networks
    Enter IP addresses for trusted networks

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