How to reset Email password in MSPControl Panel


    Email passwords should be kept in a safe place.  You should avoid using your Email password for any other online profiles to minimize the risk of having your Email account compromised.
    In the event that you may not recall your Email password, please follow the instructions below in order to reset your password.

    1. First you’ll need to log into the host panel in order to access all your email accounts. Enter your Username (Client Code) and password and select (1) SIGN IN

    2. Next on your hosting space navigate to (1) ACCOUNTS under POP/IMAP Email

    3. Now (1) SELECT THE EMAIL ACCOUNT which password you’d like to reset

    4. Enter the new password that you would like. Keep in mind that the password cannot contain the name of the EMAIL ADDRESS. (i.e you may not use “admin”) The password must contain an UPPERCASE, lowercase, numeric and be at least 7 characters long.

    5.  Enter the new password followed by clicking SAVE

    Congratulations! You have just reset your email password. Please remember to also change your password on your devices/computers!

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