IceWarp (Collaborative Active sync) Mail


    Please see below for further details on how to manage your Advanced hosting with IceWarp

    Our advanced mail runs the latest ICEWARP (used to be called Merak). The mail software is direct competition for Microsoft Exchange Server.

    The product has far too many features to list but you are welcome to contact us for specific questions.

    We will summarize the enterprise features that make this commercial software such a success.

    • Standard POP3, IMAP, Active Sync, Outlook Sync with archiving.
    • Real-time communication with chat, video call and web meetings.
    • Share documents, contacts, appointments per teams or department.
    • Calendar with fee, busy showing available resources.
    • Tasks, Notes and Contacts. (Complete detail as per Outlook)
    • Complete mobile work space, including administrative functions.
    • Optional award winning Desktop Client that can replace Outlook at a fraction of the cost.
    • Windows and Mac friendly.
    • Fast, reliable with integrated Kaspersky antivirus and spam filter.
    • Set resources like boardrooms and company vehicles.

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