Install IceWarp Outlook Sync


    Please see below for instructions on how to manage your IceWarp service.

    This is a step-by-step guide on how to download and install the IceWarp Outlook sync add-in

    1. Navigate to and click on the download button for WINDOWS 7+

    2.  When prompted, SAVE the downloaded file to a local directory of your choice

    3.  Double-click on the installation file and hit RUN

    4.  You will notice the setup process starting

    5.  Click on NEXT if you would like to continue the setup in English

    6.  Accept the license agreement by ticking the box and then click NEXT

    7.  Confirm installation type by selecting either CURRENT USER ONLY (YOU) or ANYONE USING THE COMPUTER and click NEXT

    8.  Ensure both CONFIGURE MANUALLY and CREATE PROFILE is ticked and click NEXT
    Please note:  Even though you are able to create multiple “exchange” accounts in Outlook, each account is linked to its own profile.

    9.  Complete the blank fields for PROFILE NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS and DISPLAY NAME and click NEXT

    10.  Enter USERNAME, PASSWORD, HOST NAME and INCOMING PORT, then select UNSECURED LINE (Do not be concerned, our mail server is secured), but you welcome to make use of SSL settings should you prefer to do so. The INCOMING PORT used for secure settings will be 993
    Click NEXT
    Please note: 
    You can click TEST SETTINGS to ensure the credentials are correct.

    11.  Change the PORT to 587 or 465 (in the event of using SSL) and ensure that USE SAME AS INCOMING is ticked. You can test the settings to confirm all is correct. Once completed, click FINISH. 

    12.  Hover over the ICEWARP icon at the bottom of the screen in the TASKBAR.  Then select the OPEN FILE pop-up and click on RUN

    13.  Allow the installation to complete

    14.  Upon receiving the below confirmation, click FINISH

    15.  After clicking FINISH, a CHOOSE PROFILE pop-up should display.  You can either (1) select the profile, if it’s the only one set up, or (2) click OPTIONS and select from one of the profiles listed, should you wish to
    set one of these to the DEFAULT PROFILE.  Click OK

    16.  Outook will launch and at first glance it might seem that none of your mail (if any exist) are displayed.  Also the account name does not seem to appear.  Please click on FILE

    17.  Select OPTIONS
    Please note:  
    The account will display as POP/SMTP.  This is correct and account will function exactly like an “exchange” account.

    18.  Once presented with the OUTLOOK OPTIONS menu, Select ADD-INS.  You will notice ICEWARP OUTLOOK SYNC is DISBALED.  Please click on GO

    19.  Enable ICEWARP OUTLOOK SYNC and click OK

    20.  You will notice the account displayed in the LEFT pane and the ICEWARP SYNC tab enabled at the top.  You can now proceed to use your new “exchange” account and also add a NEW PROFILE should you
    wish to add an additional account.

    Congratulations!  You have successfully set up your new IceWarp “exchange” account using the Outlook active sync add-in

    IceWarp outlook sync

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