Network and Server infrastructure


    Potential customers often ask us what our relationship with the data centers that we do business with are.

    We are making use of co-location technology at these data centers. This means that we are being provided rack space, up links (data connectivity) and power (A and B feed with UPS backup and generator fail over).

    We have been proudly building our comprehensive array of networking and server hardware over the last 20 years.

    Our hardware is comprehensive and change regularly to accommodate this fast-growing industry. This being said we are happy to provide details of our primary hardware suppliers in order for you to understand our commitment to your service offerings.

    DELL, HP, NEC, Synology, Intel

    We are currently situated in the Midrand Data Center of Xneelo (PTY). We are in no way affiliated with Xneelo other than procuring space, data and power.

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