Payfast integration with SeriousBilling


    Kindly follow these steps to integrate payfast with the billing system (SeriousBilling).  This is a three-fold process

    A.  Enable Instant Transaction Notification
    B.  Obtain Merchant ID and Merchant Key from PayFast Dashboard
    C.  Enter details in the billing payment settings

    1.  Login to and select the NEW dashboard

    2. From the dashboard navigate to SETTINGS and select DEVELOPER SETTINGS ( the INTEGRATION SETTINGS page, ensure that
    a) PASSPHRASE is DISABLED and b) ITN (Instant Transaction Notification) is ENABLED.  You are required to enter the c) NOTIFY URL as per below:

    NOTIFY URL: where should be your actual billing URL

    Copy the below Merchant ID and Merchant Key to use in step 3

    3.  Once the Merchant ID and Merchant key has been obtained, navigate to the billing system at  Click on CLIENTS, followed by SYSTEM and then TOOLS AND SETTINGS

    4.  Click on the reseller’s SETTINGS link

    5.  Navigate to PAYMENT SETTINGS and enter the Payfast details in the respective fields.  Once completed, click SAVE.  The URL field should contain the following link

    Merchant ID: Put your exact PayFast merchant id into this field.
    Merchant Key: Put your exact PayFast mearchant key into this field.
    URL: Put the PayFast process url into this field:
    Order Description: This will be the description that your client will see on the PayFast gateway for the services that they are buying. I.e. Hosting services

    Please note
    You require a separate PayFast account for each website.


    1.  When receiving an ERROR 400 BAD REQUEST – Merchant is unable to receive payments from the same account

    Please verify your bank account with Payfast to resolve this issue.

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