Redirect your web traffic through Cloudflare


    Cloud flare is a community that protects and accelerates any website online. Once you have added your website to cloudflare, your web traffic will be routed through the cloudflare global network.
    In order to have your website set up with cloudfflare, please do the following:

    1) Contact RedCactus, and provide information of which website (domain and sub-domain) that you would like to add to cloudflare.
    2) Have RedCactus add the authoritative cloudflare nameservers and DNS records, alternatively this may be done by you on the host panel on your DNS settings.
    Make sure the following cloudflare name servers are added (see image below):

    3) Go ahead and create a cloudflare account here, where you will be able to add your website.
    4) Add your website to scan for DNS records.


    Once you have completed the process of adding your website on the clouflare system.
    Cloudflare will then route your website back to redcactus, and your web traffic will be controlled by cloudflare.

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