Reseller Domain Extension Setup


    In order to add the DOMAIN EXTENSIONS of your choice, allowing clients to register domains with / .com or .org extensions, etc. please navigate to

    A Domain extension is the post-fix following the domain name, e.g.

    Return to your BILLING SYSTEM ( and select MY CLIENTS.

    1. Navigate to SYSTEM and select DOMAINS

    2. Click ADD DOMAIN and view the list of available domains from the dropdown menu.

    3. Type in the desired extension, in this case the .com domain, in the blank field next to DOMAIN and complete the remaining fields, then click SAVE
    Sorting Precedence:  This determines the order the domains display from the top
    Annual Cost: 
    The cost of the domain per year (incl VAT)
    Immediate Cost: 
    Generally this should be the same as the domain cost as it is registered in advance for the year

    4. You are now able to view the list of domains you have enabled

    Congratulations!  Now that you have assigned hosting to your reseller account and added the domain extensions your clients can register and sign up for hosting.  Please view the tutorial on how to access the domain and product links from your billing system.

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