Reseller Domain Registrations And Your Responsibility


    As a reseller, you are able to provide domain registration and renewal services to your customers, through signing up for SeriousBilling.  This is the perfect solution, instead of registering domains elsewhere and pointing them to your reseller account. Not to mention the process of maintaining the renewals of these domains manually.


    When signing up for SeriousBilling, our system takes care of all the work.  You are therefore not required to register as a REGISTRAR.  Domains registered via SeriousBilling will reflect Red Cactus Software as the registrar and this has nothing to do with your reseller account.

    Domain management allows for the client to manage their own domain.  They can set the domain to auto expire themselves, should they no longer wish to make use of the domain.  The domain will not renew when due and ensures there is no misunderstanding between you and the client.  The client can also edit/update the REGISTRANT (owner) details themselves, which ensures that you are not held liable for wrong owner details.


    Domains may either be renewed annually or registered for a period of up to 10 years, according to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).  SeriousBilling currently allows registration for 1 year and should domains be set to AUTO RENEW, while having sufficient funds in your hosting account, you can rest assured that the domain will renew on time.


    The 30-day redemption period starts after the domain has expired and precedes domain deletion.  The domain can be forced renewed during this period, although a penalty fee might be payable.  The automated billing system will ensure that your domain is always renewed prior to expiring and therefore you will not have to break the bad news to your client that they have to suddenly cough up hundreds of rands because you didn’t renew the domain on time.

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