Reseller Ethics



    Resellers should adhere to the following to ensure best practice:

    1. Always be honest and transparent with your offerings
    2. Make any “hidden fees” known as clients do not appreciate surprises when settling their accounts
    3. Never engage in an argument with your client over a dispute, but rather have them write to you and keep record of all conversations. A great way to do this is through a dedicated ticket system.
    4. Avoid gossip, especially when discussing their existing provider. Remember you want to win the client over and do not want to make them feel bullied into transferring to you
    5. Own up when you have made a mistake and give the client a solution to their problem, without making excuses for your wrong doing


    The below provides a guideline and you are encouraged to function within this proposed framework:

    1. DO NOT register a client’s domain using your personal and/or company details. This contravenes the Registry’s policy surrounding domain registrations.  The domain is the client’s property and it should be registered in their name, using their details and personal Email address
    2. DO NOT store client passwords.  They should create their own mail accounts and manage their own credentials.  This is to ensure that should an account be compromised it is purely due to a weak or duplicate password the client used and you cannot be blamed.
    3. DO NOT give out their personal details to ANYONE. That includes those wanting to purchase your client database.  This is in breach of the privacy act.
    4. DO NOT over charge clients on domain registrations. A 10 – 15% margin is recommended.  The goal should be to retain the client for their monthly hosting fee not to make money from domain registrations
    5. You SHOULD advise your clients correctly when they request assistance in selecting the appropriate hosting. Give them exactly what they require and rather sell them additional services or products, such as the WordPress themes or website maintenance
    6. You SHOULD follow up after every query to confirm that it has been resolved and ensure that the client is satisfied. In doing so you prevent them from looking for a reason to move away from you
    7. You SHOULD always address clients with the necessary respect as they are willing to spend money with you and as long as they feel looked after, they will have no reason to look for greener pastures. Remember, there is always the exception when nothing you do will please a client
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