Reseller Getting Started Guide



    You have made a great choice to sign up for one of our reseller plans.
    We encourage you to work through our comprehensive knowledge base as well as the tutorials specifically related to your reseller service.
    Start by reading our onboarding document first.

    1.  Please download the billing documentation for assistance if you have signed up for SeriousBilling.

    Kindly see below for further assistance on getting the best out of your reseller hosting service:


    1. What’s next?  First steps
    2. Reseller Hosting Explained
    3. Building Your Brand Through Online Marketing
    4. Reseller domain registrations and your responsibility
    5. Reseller Ethics


    1. Transferring Clients To Your New Reseller Space
    2. Optional Serious Billing (Automated Billing System)
    3. Adding a new client
    4. Create Reseller hosting plans in Solid CP (Windows Control Panel)
    5. Create client hosting space (Solid CP)

    We trust you will have a pleasant experience, making use of our reseller service and wish you the very best with this new venture!

    These are the various channels for technical support for resellers.  Technical support entails the optimal functioning of our web and mail servers to ensure that you have a stable hosting environment.

    1. Email
      This is the preferred method to make contact with Red Cactus as record is kept of all conversations.
      Our friendly and experienced support team will advise you accordingly and give you a nudge in the right direction.
    2. Online
      Upon submitting your request, you should receive an automated response with a ticket number.
      This request will be queued and assigned to the appropriate consultant.
      We usually respond within 15-30 minutes, either with an update or resolution.
    3. Telephone
      You are welcome to call our support line, although you are still required to log a ticket via Email or through an online submission in order for us to assist.

    Should you wish for us to offer “white-label” support to your clients, you can either

    1. Opt-in for support, charged at R1.00 per active Email user per month.
      An active Email user simply means a mail account that has been created and reflects on the system.
    2. Premium Support
      Should you wish to offer client support yourself and require our help on an ad-hoc basis, you are welcome to purchase support credits followed by submitting a premium support ticket.
      Please navigate to Website and Email Premium Support for instructions on how to obtain credits and submit a ticket for assistance.


                                                                                                                                                                                 First steps >>

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