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    Red Cactus White Label Reseller Hosting gives individuals and companies the ability to re-sell Red Cactus hosting services, such as disk space and bandwidth to your potential clients under your own brand and at the price you choose.
    This allows you to launch your own web hosting company and offer the same services to your clients than we do.  You can also sign up as a reseller to supplement your web design services, by hosting your design clients’ websites and ensure that you have full control over their sites.

    As a reseller you do not require to purchase any software licensing and maintain server hardware as this is the responsibility of the provider, allowing you to focus on signing up new clients. Resellers should ideally have basic knowledge of the industry to ensure that they can answer simple questions from their clients and sell their services with confidence.


    • The choice of two host panels, namely MSPControl Panel and Solid CP (Control Panel)
      Manage all hosting services from the host panel.  Create Email accounts, add domains and websites, create a staging site and much more.
    • Ability to host both and PHP applications
      You can offer your clients best of both worlds on our Windows environment, without compromising on speed.
    • IMAP, POP, SMTP Email (MailEnable)
      Our variety of email protocols allow your clients to manage their mail from anywhere on any device, while the webmail platform is always accessible.
    • Free Software Installer
      Both MSPControl Panel and Solid Control Panel come with a free Software installer for all your favourite applications


    • Resell domains
      When signing up for Red Cactus Billing, you’ll have the ability to resell all the domain extensions we offer with a profit.  Kindly view the domain extensions and pricing by visiting
    • Invoicing and billing
      When signing up for Red Cactus Billing, your clients can settle their accounts via Payfast with a debit/credit card or Paypal as well as through a debit order making use of SagePay.
      You are required to apply for an account with Payfast and SagePay respectively in order to bill your clients through these platforms.
    • Provision hosting
      When signing up for Red Cactus Billing, clients can add hosting to their accounts, which will automatically reflect on the host panel of your choice.
    • IceWarp hosting
      We even offer an optional “exchange like” service in the form of ICEWARP hosting.  Please navigate to for more details.
    • WordPress themes
      You can also offer clients our WordPress themes, built in-house, at a discounted rate for resellers.


    What’s the difference, you may ask and how will it impact your clients?
    Shared hosting simply put, is when all clients on a specific server share the system resources.  This is not necessarily a deal breaker as it all depends on how the shared server is optimized.  Should you wish to utilize the system resources yourself, then a dedicated (virtual machine) is the alternative.  This also gives you flexibility and full administrative / root rights, while allowing you to manage all aspects of the server software, giving you full control over your client’s hosting environment.

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