Reseller Hosting Product and Domain Links (Billing System)


    This tutorial will show you how to add domain/hosting links to your website to automate the provisioning of products and enable clients to search and register domains.

    Once logged into your billing system at

    1. Click on CLIENTS, then navigate to SYSTEM and select TOOLS AND SETTINGS


    3. A pop-up window will display with the various PRODUCT AND DOMAIN LINKS required to automate domain search and provisioning of hosting products

    Domain script:  In order to allow clients to register a domain on your site, make us of this script as it will direct them to the sign-up page and drop the domain in the basket for payment.

    Domain lookup form: This is an html form you can add to your site so that you can do domain look-ups from your own page.
    <form action=’’ method=’get’><input type=’hidden’ value=’whois’ name=’product’> Find your Domain: <input type=’text’ name=’prodId’ size=’20’ /><input type=’submit’ value=’Go’ />

    Product page:
    In order to have clients link through to your billing system, replace “yourprodid” with the actual product ID for your hosting plan created earlier.

    Domain lookup page:  This a link you can add to a page to provide the functionality to search for domains to see if they are available and if they are your clients can purchase the domain from here

    Congratulations!  You are now set to automate your reseller hosting and have clients signup from your website.

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