Reset Email Password SolidCP


    Sometimes you would be required to reset your Email password, simply because you no longer recall the existing password.
    Password strength is crucial and should contain at least one CAPITAL, one lower case, one SPECIAL character and an alpha-numeric character.
    Avoid using a name or phrase like “admin” or “infopassword” as these can easily be compromised.

    Please note:
    You should never use your Email password on more than one online platform for security reasons.

    1.  Select ACCOUNTS on the dashboard under POP/IMAP Email

    2.  Select the account for which you would like to reset the password

    3.  1) Enter the new password and 2) confirm the new password, then click SAVE.  Alternatively, select GENERATE PASSWORD and the system will generate a random password for you.

    4.  The account will now save the new password

    Congratulations!  You have successfully reset your Email account password

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