Reset Email password via Billing System


    This is a simple and easy guide to reset your email password via the Billing System.

    1. First you’ll need to log into the Billing System ( in order to access all your email accounts. Enter your Username (eMail) and password and select “Sign In”

    2. Click on “MY EMAILS”;

    3. Next select an existing account.

    4. Please enter the new password and retype the new password in the “CONFIRM PASSWORD” field.

    5. Click on “UPDATE eMAIL”

    6. You have now successfully updated your eMail account password.  Please note that you may also “RESET PASSWORD AND SEND” should this be required as indicated in point 7 below.

    7. Select “NORMAL PASSWORD RESET” should the account not be compromised.  In the event that unlawful access was gained to the account, select “compromised eMail message”.  In both instances you can choose either to send the password by eMail or SMS.

    8. You have now successfully reset your eMail account password.

    Congratulations!  Please remember to also change your password on your devices/computers!

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