Reset WordPress password in the Host panel


    This article is a step by step on how to change your website password.

    1. Once logged in to the host panel here, navigate to database.
    db_screen (2)

    2. After you have browsed the database, phpMyAdmin will be launched. (1) Expand the database, see image below.

    3. Once the database is expanded, (1)select the wp-users table, (2) edit the user for which you would like to have the password changed (WordPress admin user).

    4. Once you have clicked to edit a user, you will be able to perform the password reset. Make sure that in the user_pass row(1) you select the function MD5, and the value will be your new password.


    Once that is done, click on Go to persist the data.
    Congratulations you have changed your WordPress site password.


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