Reset WordPress Password via phpMyAdmin


    If for one of the below reasons, you are required to reset your WordPress password from within the host panel, kindly follow the steps below.
    – The PHP mail function is not configured correctly in order to receive the password using the “forgot password” option
    – The admin Email has been changed or you simply do not have access to the admin Email

    1.  Select MariaDB from the dashboard under DATABASES


    3.  Enter your Username and Password for the database assigned to the website

    4.  Once logged into phpMyAdmin, expand the database and click on wp_users

    5.  Click EDIT

    6.  Select MD5 on the dropdown menu next to the user_pass field.

    7.  Important!  Copy the password and paste it in a blank NOTEPAD, before proceeding to click GO

    8.  Once saved, the following results will reflect

    Congratulations!  You have successfully reset your WordPress site password via phpMyAdmin

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