Restore backup data – Admin Level


    Below instructions on how to restore your data at an administrative level.
    Only administrators can backup and restore “site wide” data for the DirectAdmin instance.

    1. Log into the Direct Admin host panel using the link provided after signing up with your hosting provider

    2.  Once logged in, Click on ADMIN TOOLS and then select the Admin Backup/Transfer



    3.  The screen will give you options to Edit the current backup, restore an existing backup and some other options such as duplication, forcing a run and removing a backup.

    backup directadmin 1

    4.  To restore select Restore.

    The restore wizard has 3 steps to complete.
    Step 1 you need to provide the location of the backup data. We are going to use an offsite sample for FTP.
    Step 2 you select the local server or IP
    Step 3 you select the type of data to restore

    Make sure you set the remote path correctly. This should be auto completed, but still require you to provide the date (if this was set to split the backups in date)
    Press Next Step

    backup directadmin restore ftp

    5.  The next screen shows step 2. Select the correct IP (generally there will only be one)
    Press Next Step.

    backup directadmin restore step 2

    6.  The next screen shows step 3. Select the site or sites that you want to restore. Existing sites will show in red if there is already data in those sites.
    The data is merged with existing data and where the data already exists, this is overwritten.
    Select Restore.

    Your restore will proceed in the background and you will be notified.

    backup directadmin restore step 3

    Congratulations!  You have successfully restored data from an existing backup.

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