Run Scheduled Tasks


    Scheduled tasks allow you to run backups, send Email notices, etc
    We have selected DATABASE BACKUP for this tutorial.

    1.  Select SCHEDULED TASKS from the dashboard


    3.  On the SCHEDULED TASK PROPERTIES screen you will notice a drop-down menu with various task types, the schedule cycle and starting time.  You can also set the priority and time period

    4.  1) provide a TASK NAME, 2) select the TASK TYPE from the drop-down and 3) set the PRIORITY

    5.  Once you have selected DATABASE BACKUP, 1) Choose the DATABASE TYPE, 2) enter a DATABASE NAME, 3) specify the BACKUP FOLDER, give the BACKUP FILE a name and 5) set the SCHEDULE

    6.  You should be able to view your scheduled task on the SCHEDULED TASKS screen

    Congratulations!  You have successfully added a scheduled task.

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