Select Virtual Server (Billing System)


    Prior to setting up your hosting plan(s), you are required to select a virtual server.  The virtual server you select will depend on the host panel you prefer.

    There are two (3) panels available to choose from:
    1.  MSP Control Panel (V 2.0) (Version 3 to follow soon)
    2.  Solid CP (Control Panel) (V 1.4.7)
    3.  DirectAdmin (Linux)

    For now we will focus on MSP Control Panel.  Existing resellers will already have a virtual server selected.

    A reseller can manage their services (hosting, domains and Emails) with Red Cactus by navigating to, while managing their client services, requires them to login to, with the same login credentials.

    Once logged into your reseller panel on, kindly follow these steps:

    1.  Select MY CLIENTS

    2. Navigate to SYSTEM on the main menu and click on VIRTUAL SERVERS

    3. Select ADD VIRTUAL SERVER. Complete the required fields as follows to ensure your hosting environment is setup correctly.  Once completed, you can confirm your password by entering your password and clicking TEST CONNECTION.

    4. Once you have completed all the fields and tested the connection by confirming your panel password, click SAVE.  You will be required to enter your password before saving.

    Congratulations!  You have successfully added a VIRTUAL SERVER.  Kindly navigate to in order to create the desired hosting plans for your clients.


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