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    Should you have signed up for our Reseller Billing System, aka SeriousBilling, this tutorial will guide you through the process of assigning hosting products to your account in order to automate the process for clients when they sign up for hosting.

    1.  Please download the billing documentation for assistance if you have signed up for SeriousBilling.
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    1. Hover over the hosting plan and view the PLAN ID at the bottom left of your screen.  You will enter this PLAN ID in the BILLING SYSTEM under the matching HOSTING PRODUCT.

    2.  Please login on ( to proceed.  Navigate to MY CLIENTS >> SYSTEM >> HOSTING PRODUCTS (this will direct you to add your hosting product).

    3.  Select ADD HOSTING and make sure that the hosting product name is complete and is linked to the hosting PLAN ID created previously in the host panel.  Grouping should be completed with an appropriate description eg. ” Hosting “  Complete the product costing as well as billing cycles and select whether you would like to have the clients charged pro-rata when they sign up on a specific date. Once completed, click SAVE.

    4.  In the LAYOUT SCREEN you can edit the description.  Make sure that you specify a product name in the the product layout screen (your are able to add HTML content to make the content look more appealing).  Click the “checkmark” to the right of the screen and you are all set!

    Congratulations!  You have now added a hosting product to the billing system.

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