Setting up DNS zone records to use Office 365


    Some clients manage their Emails via Outlook exchange (Office 365), which means that they are able to synchronize their Emails, calendars, contacts and tasks across all devices.
    This is a simple and easy on how to set up your DNS Zone Records if you are using Office 365

    Here we go:

    1. In your favorite browser, navigate to your host panel, of which the login credentials would have forwarded to you upon sign up.

    2. On the login screen please enter your (1) USERNAME and (2) PASSWORD, these details were emailed to you when you registered. If you forgot your password, please click on (3) FORGOT PASSWORD to reset your password.  Select (4) SIGN IN to continue.

    3. After a successful login, you will be one of your hosting spaces. If you have more than one hosting packages you can (1)/(2) select which hosting package you wish to work on.

    4. In order to edit or add DNS RECORDS we have to use our current domain that was set up to use Office 365. Select the (1) DOMAINS option.

    5. A (1) list of your domains on your current selected hosting package will be shown if you have any domain registered on the package. You will also see all the (2) sub domains that have been created.

    6. Please select your (1) PRIMARY DOMAINS to change/add it’s DNS Zone Records

    7. After you selected the domain, you will see a small details screen. On the right hand side, please select (1) EDIT DNS ZONE RECORDS

    8. Now you can (1) ADD NEW RECORDS, (2) EDIT EXISTING RECORDS or (3) DELETE RECORDS. We need to add a few records for Office 365 to function. Select (1) ADD RECORDS

    9. Select the dropdown for (1) RECORD TYPE and the select the type (2) MX. Leave the RECORD NAME blank.

    10. Next to RECORD DATA type the Record Data provided to you by Office 365. Usually it would be something like “”. Set the priority to 0 and select (2) SAVE

    11. Next we need to add 4 CNAME Records. Firstly select ADD RECORD again in order to add another new record. Select the dropdown for (1) RECORD TYPE and then select the type (2) CNAME. For the first CNAME Record set the RECORD NAME to AUTO DISCOVER, and set the RECORD DATA to “” and select SAVE

    12. Please add the last 3 CNAME records by repeating step 11 before going on to step 13.

    • Record Name: “lyncdiscover”, Record Data: “”
    • Record Name: “msoid”, Record Data: “”
    • Record Name: “sip”, Record Data: “”

    13. Almost there. Select ADD RECORD once again and add a new (1) TXT Record. Leave the RECORD NAME blank and set the (2) RECORD DATA as “v=spf1 mx a ~all” and hit SAVE

    14. Lastly we need to add 2 more records of the type SRV. For the first record set the (2) RECORD NAME as “_sip._tls”. Set (2) HOST OFFERING THIS SERVICE to “”. The priority needs to be equal to “100“, weight to “1” and PORT NUMBER to “443

    15. Please repeat step 14 to add the final SRV Record with the values set to the following:

    • Record Name: “_sipfederationtls._tcp”
    • Host offering this service: “”
    • Priority: “100”
    • Weigh: “1”
    • Port Number: “443”

    (Note) After you’ve added or edited your DNS Zone Records, it will take a few hours to take effect.

    16. This is how it should look if you added everything :

    Congratulations! You have now successfully set up your domains DNS Zone Records to use Office 365.

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