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    This is an easy guide on how to sign up for services using the admin panel:

    In order to start hosting with us, you’ll need an account.

    All you need to start is a valid email address and a password.

    Here we go:

    1. In your favorite browser, navigate to :
    2. On the login screen please select (1) “New to us? Sign up now/”.


    3. Then enter a (1) valid email address. The system will quickly check if that email address already exists and then show you a small notice. If the account doesn’t exist, enter a (2) password. Please try and make the password as strong as possible. Finally select (3) “REGISTER” and viola


    Congratulations! You have just signed up and can now starting services to your account!

    Next Steps:

    Buy a domain :

    Buy a hosting :

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