SMTP mailer with authentication


    It is important to note that our servers do not allow you to send emails from your website without authentication.
    If you are sending emails trough “PHP scripts” it is easy to add smtp functionality, for most if not all content management systems have plug-ins or built in options to enable smtp authentication.

    We have included a zip-file with the needed classes and functions to be able to send emails via smtp if you are using custom php code.
    You can find the files in this
    The zip file contains 4 “php” files.

    • class.phpmailer.php (do not edit)
    • class.pop3.php (do not edit)
    • class.smtp.php (do not edit)
    • email.php (edit me)

    How to use:
    1) Copy all the files to your website root.
    2) You will need to edit the email.php file.
    3) Open the email.php file in your browser.

    Edit the smtp details to suit your needs.
    When done open the email.php file in your browser to see the result of the smtp email.
    We have made some commends in the email.php file to help you change this, but here is a basic explanation of this.

    $mail->SMTPAuth = true;                                               // turn on SMTP authentication
    $mail->Host = “”;                                              // or name of your smtp example or
    $mail->Username = “your_Username”;                         // the username if you have set SMTPAuth = true
    $mail->Password = “your_Password”;                           // the password if you have set SMTPAuth = true

    $mail->From = “”;                                       // who is sending this email
    $mail->AddAddress(“”, “Test”);  // the address that should receive this email

    When opening the email.php file in the browser it should display the result of the email function.

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