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    Please note these steps are only for our LEGACY clients who would like to migrate domains and data hosted elsewhere to their existing RC LEGACY account.

    The following steps explains the process to migrate your domains, mail and website to our secure infrastructure.

    1. Setup a hosting package that suits your needs (disk space, number of emails). The setup can be done by us or yourself 24/7 at This will setup your hosting panel details for you and mail you the information in order to continue.
    2. Add your existing domain to the panel.
    3. Create your email accounts that you currently have with the existing hosting including new ones.
    4. Create your website using the existing domain name.
    5. Optionally create an FTP account.
    6. You can now transfer all your existing databases, website files to the exiting panel using FTP and the file upload facility within the hosting panel.
    7. You will now need to transfer your actual emails associated with the email accounts if you are using IMAP protocol.
    8. If you are using POP account email, data will be on your personal computer and will not require any migration. Just change the POP settings and perhaps the password if they are different between the old and new server, and you should send and receive correctly.
    9. All your web files, mail accounts and emails will now be on the new server and you are ready to initiate the migration of the domain by just requesting a transfer in our admin system using the “new parking option”.

    Following the above steps insures that you will not have any downtime and not loose emails or business in the process.
    The most important details to remember is to get the files that constitutes your website (php, aspx and database files), and to initiate the domain transfer last.
    Red Cactus gladly assists in migrating the information for you so please enquire!
    Welcome to the most awesome hosting company!

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