Upload Database via FTP using FileZilla


    Before restoring a website via the host panel, you are required to upload the .sql file via FTP.  We recommend using FileZilla.

    1.  Click on SITE MANAGER

    2.  Create a NEW SITE
    Use the server IP as the HOST NAME, select “Use explicit FTP over TLS if available” and then enter the FTP USER NAME and associated PASSWORD

    3.  Click the domain name for your website on the REMOTE SITE section of FileZilla

    4.  Click on DATA

    5.  Once you have located the .sql file on your local machine, you can click and drag the file to the DATA folder

    6.  You can now view the file on the REMOTE SITE.  This will also be reflected in the host panel

    Congratulations!  You have successfully uploaded the database to your hosting space vir FTP using FileZilla.

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