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    This article describes the process of configuring your website to show SSL / HTTPS.

    1) Once SSL has been installed, navigate to the website and update the web.config with the piece of code below to redirect your website to SSL


    2) To redirect your website through to SSL, please make sure that you have included the following rule in your web.config file.

    • Below is  rule that needs to be included in your web.config file:
    • See sample file here: web.config File Sample

    Note: Every time that you navigate to your website using http://yourdomainname or www.yourdomainname it will be redirected to http://yourdomainname. If you get a complaint from your browser that you cannot connect to your website through SSL, that could mean that some of your files on your website are not linked through SSL example, an image tag: <img href=”http://domainname/image/”>. This error would then need to be resolved accordingly.

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