White label reseller client support


    As a reseller you are always faced with clients who require assistance of some sort.
    Resellers have two options when it comes to client support.

    1.  Opt-in for white label client support, or
    2.  Provide your own client support



    As a reseller, you do not always have the time, nor the ability to offer technical support to your clients.
    This is where we come in!  By allowing us to assist with client support, you can focus on growing your business, knowing the technical queries are taken care of.
    Once you have signed up for client support, we will provide you with the white label phone number and Email address that you can make available to your clients.

    Your client is required to provide their account ID when making contact in order for us to check if you, as the reseller, have opted in for client support.
    During office hours (Mon – Fri), you can expect a response within the hour, while after-hour queries are attended to according to our SLA.
    Clients have to send an Email (where applicable), before we are able to actions any requests, or attend to a query.
    For more details, please send a mail to support@redcactus.co.za

    White label contact details:  support@netmask.host | 012 004 0846


    Should you feel comfortable to provide your own client support, we have compiled a white label knowledge base for your convenience.
    This knowledge base provides tutorials with instructions on how to create mail accounts, setup these mail accounts on all your devices, create databases, etc.
    We also provide a handy mail tool that will reflect the following:
    1.  Mail server IP
    2.  Webmail address
    3.  Recommended mail settings
    4.  Setup instructions for various devices

    Knowledge base URL:  https://kb.netmask.host

    This allows you to direct your clients to the knowledge base and mail tool for a fully self-managed service.

    Our mission is to help you grow your business!

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